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New Mexico History Through Genealogy


New Mexico Ancestors from Llano, New Mexico to Europe

White = 1500s

Green = 1600s

Yellow = 1700s

Blue = 18002



New Mexico History Through the Eyes of my Ancestors







Maria Lourden Quintana

Juan Domingo Romero

Antonio Mascarenas

Julian Martin

Miguel de Godoy


LUCERO: Ancestors of Jose de Gracia Lucero

FRESQUEZ: Ancestors of Maria Excelsa Fresquez

QUINTANA: Ancestors of Manuel de Atocha Quintana

MARTINEZ: Ancestors of Maria Guadalupe Martinez




La Gente del Llano: Lucero & Quintana Families

Maria Dolores Quintana

Juan Estevan Quintana

Maria Rumalda Quintana

Manuel de Atocha Quintana

Jose de Gracia Fresquiz & Maria Vicenta Vigil

Jose de Gracia Lucero & Celcita Fresquez

Macario Quintana



LOPEZ: Ancestors of Jose Pedro Armando Lopez

GONZALES: Ancestors of Julia Gonzales

AVILA REYES: Ancestors of Tranquilino Avila Reyes

MUNOZ FLORES: Ancestors of Adela Munoz Flores




Donna Texas: Lopez & Avila Families

Casimiro Lopez

Salvador Cavazos & San Juanita Anzaldua

Preciliana Cavazos & Jesus Ramon Munoz

Dionisio Munoz & Francisca Flores

Severiano Avila & Manuela Reyes

Tranquilino Avila & Adela Munoz



I am hoping that matches on DNA results will help us clean up our family history

and avoid speculation about parents.

These are the results of my DNA tests.

Y-DNA haplogroup G2a: most distant male ancestor = Juan Domingo Romero [1749-1828 El Valle de San Miguel]

MtDNA haplogroup A2h1: most distant female ancestor = Maria Dolores Quintana [1846-1920+]

I am registered with the Family Tree DNA  Kit # 81329.

According to Angel Cervantes, the NM DNA Project Administrator, I carry the Y-DNA genes of Capitan Bartolome Romero

who came with Onate in 1598 to found the first Spanish settlement in New Mexico called San Gabriel del Yunque.

Now I need to find the paper trail to connect Juan Domingo Romero to Bartolome Romero.


My little brother Noel


NEW: We are genizaros 2012 powerpoint


Presented at the 2012 Cosecha Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Analco Notes

Atrisco/Atlisco Notes

San Gabriel del Yunque families


Genealogia en Mexico

2012 powerpoint presented at a genealogy conference in Fresno, California

Aqui esta mi presentacion del 29 sep 2012 en la conferencia de genealogia en Fresno, CA.


Encontrando nuestros antepasados en Nuevo Mexico y Tejas

2012 powerpoint presented at a genealogy conference in Fresno, California.

Nacidos en Nuevo Mexico o en Tejas, no somos Mexicanos, Epanoles, o Indios norte americanos; pero si somos una mezcla de todos viviendo en la misma tierra.


Tlaxcalan Indians in New Mexico

By Stanley A Lucero.  This is a link to another webpage dedicated to my findings regarding the Tlaxcalan Indians who accompanied the conquistadores in colonizing the Americas.



LUCEROLOPEZ TREE. This is a public family tree.



This is the oldest settlement in the San Joaquin Valley in California; the home of many early Californios.  Please contact me if you have additional information.

El Valle de Santa Clara

La porcion sur del Valle de Santa Clara, California

La historia de los ranchos y las familias.

Gilroy era parte del Rancho San Ysidro


El pueblecito de mecate

This is a sample of northern New Mexico Spanish; the language of the Manitos.

Geronimo was my Tio


My mother told me that we are related to the Apache Geronimo. 

My great great grandmother, Maria Dolores Quintana, spoke Apache.


Repatriation from New Mexico to Northern Chihuahua

by Samuel Sisneros

Many New Mexicans chose to retain their Mexican citizenship following the 1848

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.   They founded La Mesilla, Refugio de los Amoles & Santo Tomas.

They also moved to El Paso del Norte, San Lorenzo and Senecu.




Santo Tomas Apostol Del Rio de las Trampas

July 15, 1751


With the help of Lorraine Aguilar, I have compiled information about the

12 original families who received the Trampas Land Grant in 1751


A Brief History Of Los Tramperos

By Jerol Arguello

Tlascalans in the Spanish Borderlands

By Marc Simmons

New Mexico Historical Review April 1964

Descendants of the 12 Original Trampas families

Sebastian Rodriguez Brito

Adverse Possession Laws

By Bert Lucero

March 2, 2007

Talking Points

By Bert Lucero

April 18, 2009


May 3, 2009

Las Trampas Land Grant Association


By Bert M. Lucero

June 15, 2009


Northern New Mexico

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New Mexico

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