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These are the songs our grandparents learned as children here in the Southwest United States.  The songs and games in the Stanley & Yolanda's collection represent children's music from New Mexico and California gathered since 1966 from relatives, friends, neighbors, musicians, teachers and old music books. Most of the songs are over 100 years old and are currently being sung by Spanish speaking children throughout the Spanish speaking world. Isuspect that most of the songs and games came with the Spanish conquistadors as early as 1492. The songs and games recorded by Stanley A. Lucero are in use in many bilingual and ESL classrooms throughout the Southwest. They are excellent gifts for the children and grandchildren in your life.  In addition to children's music, we have recorded several popular and traditional songs for your enjoyment.  Find us on Facebook.  The songs and games have been recorded on the following CDs. The  lyrics to the songs are on these pages.



CD:Turquoise (1995)

CD: The Best Of Stanley A. Lucero (1998)

CD: Dos voces un espíritu (1999)

CD: Fiestas y cuento-cantos (2001)

CD: Marimba Lucero Volume 1, (2006)





Videos on You Tube


A Juan no de dan tortillas

Written by Carol Perkins

Soundtrack recorded by Stanley A. Lucero

Video by Armando Valdez

There's No Tortillas

Written and recorded by Lalo Guerrero

Video by alanojos

El Coyote

Traditional game from Mexico

Soundtrack recorded by Stanley A. Lucero

Performed by Kindergarten students at Ann Leavenworth School, Fresno, CA

El Mosquito

Written by Eddie Dimas [1966 New Mexico]

Performed by Marimba Lucero

Mariposa County Arts Council





You can purchase CDs or MP3s through CDBaby.

Best of Stanley A Lucero mp3

Fiestas y cuento-cantos CD + mp3

Marimba Lucero Vol. I CD only

Turquoise CD Dos voces un espiritu mp3

Un espiritu - dos voces CD + mp3



Stanley A. Lucero, a Manito from New Mexico, was born in Leadville, Colorado and attended more than twenty-five schools in Colorado and New Mexico as a child. Mr. Lucero began teaching in 1974 in the San Joaquin Valley in California. He has an Elementary Teaching Credential in Music and Spanish, a Bilingual Certificate of Competence in Spanish, a Learning Handicapped Credential, a Liberal Arts Bachelors Degree with a triple minor (Music, Spanish, and History), and a Master of Arts in Teaching in three areas: Bilingual Education, Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education.  He is well known for his soft voice and artistic musical presentations. As of June 12, 2007, Stanley is retired after working thirty and a half years as a bilingual teacher.  Mr. Lucero learned how to play guitar from his friend, college roommate and co musician, Ronnie Vigil, from San Cristobal.  Ronnie was taught how to play the mandolin by his father, Cleofas Vigil, at the age of three.  Cleofas Vigil played mandolin and sang the alabados for the San Cristobal Penintentes.  Here is a short power point presention about New Mexico Music.  Stanley loves to sing with children in the classrooms. He also performs  concerts for parents with their children, sings with children in their classrooms and conducts Children's Music in Spanish workshops for school staff. See FLYER.  Many of you have attended his music workshops at CABE , Two-Way CABE and AMAE Conferences in California in addition to the COSECHA Conferences in New Mexico.  Stanley is currently the CABE Region 2 Representative and the CABE Membership Consultant.



Yolanda M. Lucero, a Tejana, was born in Donna, Texas. She attended schools in Parlier, California. Mrs. Lucero has been teaching since 1988 in the San Joaquin Valley in California. She has a Bilingual Cross-Cultural Specialist Credential with a Spanish Emphasis, a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts, and a Masters in Reading and Language Arts with a Specialist Credential. Yolanda is an excellent bilingual storyteller who has written many of the songs found in our newest CD Mas Cuentos y Cantos including Gallinita Roja, and Hombrecito de Jengibre. Yolanda is currently working as a consultant to train parents through PROJECT 2 INSPIRE.  Yolanda is currently the Secretary for Two-Way CABE.  She has worked as a consultant for ESTRELLITA and the California Reading and Literature Project out of C.S.U. Fresno as a Professional Development Specialist focusing on Spanish Reading and Writing Skills. Yolanda does workshops for teachers in Read Aloud Strategies and Parent Involvement as well as classroom management and theme activities.  She enjoys working with her colleagues at Ann Leavenworth School where she has been a part of many special projects and programs for the Two Way Program there. She also loves teaching her Sunday School Class, cooking and reading. Here are some Two-Way Kindergarten Sharing Ideas.

We can come to your school and do mini assemblies, parent/child concerts or staff workshops!

Please contact us if you are interested in having Stanley and/or Yolanda come to your conference or your school to do workshops, classroom presentations or parent/children concerts. Mr. Lucero's FLYERPictures of Stanley.   Resume June 2007

Here is an example of a conference workshop:

SAIL Conference8th Annual Central Valley Dual Language Conference

October 26, 2013: Modesto CA

Handout: 15 Children's Songs in Spanish

Flyer: Lucerito's Music

Power Point: Cantando aprendo a leer y hablar español

Pictures for songs: song pictures for use as props

De colores: De colores without music

Play script: Caperucita Roja - un acto



Sheet Music  Melody, chords, lyrics and directions to games

Learn to play the guitar and the ukulele

Yolanda's music classroom ideas Ladybug en espanol




2015 CABE Conference: March 4-7, 2015, San Diego, CA

La Cosecha 2015: November 4-7, 2015, Albuquerque Convention Center





Stanley also performs with Marimba Lucero for family, community and private events with Nora Guillen on marimba and vocals and Pedro Lucero on the stand up bass (tololochi).  Occasionally they are joined by up to four other guest musicians at special events. For more information, click Marimba Lucero.  Listen to Las Mañanitas (Sung by Stanley A. Lucero, Nora Guillén, Rebecca Martinez, and Martha Rodriguez. Stanley is on lead guitar, Rebecca is on rhythm guitar and accordion). Go to this link for more information about Las mananitas.  Listen to El Mosquito Medley (Nora Guillén on marimba, Rebecca Martinez on rhythm guitar, Stanley A. Lucero on lead guitar and bass, and Francisco Mejia on drums.)

Resources for your own marimba band





I would like to attend, or help organize, a conference dedicated to Children's Music in Spanish where all of the workshops are conducted by recording artists, composers of children's music,teachers who use music in Spanish in their classrooms and other individuals dedicated to maintaining and preserving the Spanish songs and games of our cultural heritage.  Anybody interested?  Here is a list of some of the musicians I know about who have recorded children's music in Spanish.


In honor of educators who have directed cultural music and folklorico groups



Many high school teachers have dedicated their time and effort, over and above their contracts,  to organize and promote cultural music groups.  They practice with their groups before and after school.  They take their groups on performances and trips.







Mas cuentos y cantos - a new recording of children's stories and songs in Spanish.  Titles will include: Las partes del insecto, Hombrecito de jengibre, Gallinita Roja, Pronto iremos al zoológico and Metzli [by Yolanda M Lucero], Los caballitos [by Marcia Fernandez], La manzanita [by Carol Perkins] and many more.  CD is about halfway recorded. We also hope to include other songs written by Yolanda during the past year.  We need to start a fund raiser to pay for the recording time.




Looking for Spanish Day of the Dead Music? 

Get lyrics.

Dia de los muertos cancionero

Canciones para Dia de los muertos [powerpoint]

Fiestas CD Turquoise CD

La Riverana

Las brujas

La bruja

La Llorona

Mi gallo

Looking for Spanish Christmas Music?

Get lyrics.

Fiestas CD Turquoise CD Dos voces CD

Campana sobre campana

Alegre navidad

Las posadas

Entren santos peregrinos

La pinata

Estrella del oriente

Cascabeles Arrurru



Dedicated to my mother Nadine 1923-2008 and my brother Noel 1950-2005.   Page updated April 25, 2015